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American Shield Private Security, Redlands's Preferred Private Security Provider

Vehicle Patrol * Standing Guards * Armed & Unarmed Security Officers * 24/7 Alarm Response

American Shield Private Security specializes in providing exceptional and fully customizable private security services at some of the best prices in Southern California. Our primary services available to clients in the Redlands area are:

  • Standing guard services
  • Mobile vehicle patrol
  • Mobile foot/bike patrol
  • Lock up and alarm
  • Alarm monitoring and response
  • Fire watch services
  • Private parking enforcement
  • Event security

Each of these services are specifically designed for our clients' unique needs by security experts with nearly two decades of experience. Once a security plan and post orders are determined, they are carried out by armed or unarmed, professional security guards who are licensed by California's Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). Our highly qualified guards not only met BSIS's required training, but also receive ongoing training in areas such as post orders and assignments, access control, arrests, search and seizure, trespass, handling difficult people, preserving the incident scene, and crowd control. Additionally, our guards have all passed an exhaustive screening process that includes interviews, reference checks, background checks, and drug testing. To ensure that they provide our valued Redlands clients with service of the highest quality, we monitor guard activity with state-of-the-art DTX systems, check in frequently with our clients on their performance, and have our management team perform on-site visits.

Call American Shield Private Security today for Redlands's best value in private security services. We'll provide you with a free security consultation and promise to make your security our number one priority. All inquiries are kept completely confidential.

American Shield's Menu of Guard Services

Redlands Standing Guard Services

American Shield Private Security is Redlands's best choice for first-rate standing guard services. We have over 15 years of experience in training and offering standing guard services and can ensure that each of our standing guards will be able to offer the level of security, protection, and safety that you want for your Redlands office, store, or other property. Standing guards are often placed at front desk lobbies, gated community guard shacks, entrances and other points of entry, and in close proximity to high-value items or particularly vulnerable areas. The location of our standing guards as well as their post duties are determined by the security needs of each client, but can also include a variety of additional responsibilities, such as visitor log keeping, bag checks, issuing guest and parking passes, concierge assistance, etc. Call American Shield today for a free consultation and estimate on our standing guard services available throughout Redlands.

Redlands, CA Private Parking Lot Security

To achieve adequate safety and security in a parking lot, it helps to invest in private security. Properly trained security guards will not only enforce your parking lot's rules and regulations, but also deter criminal activity; show that you are invested in the safety of your staff and visitors; and provide an added level of customer support. At American Shield Private Security, we are the preferred choice for private parking lot security in Redlands. Our security guards are all certified by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) and experienced in the unique needs of parking lot security. As part of our services, our guards can provide concierge services, tow unauthorized vehicles, issue visitor passes, control and direct traffic, enforce parking restrictions, track deliveries, recognize and investigations suspicious activities and persons, and contact local authorities when appropriate. Call today to learn more about arranging private security services for your Redlands parking lot, structure, or garage.

Redlands Lock Up & Alarm Services for Improved Security at Closing

For many Redlands businesses, closing time can be one of their most vulnerable times for theft, break-in, vandalism, and trespassing. While many companies rely on thoughtfully prepared closing procedures to safeguard their property, those procedures may still fall short, particularly if they are performed by your regular employees. Not only are employees likely to be ill equipped to handle confrontations and emergency situations, but they often become complacent over time, which makes them more likely to be lax in following even the best of closing procedures. At American Shield, we offer dedicated lock up and alarm services to improve security at your Redlands business at closing. These services are a great investment as they reduce a company's risk, liabilities, and losses. Call today for a free estimate on establishing lock up and alarm services at your Redlands business.

Mobile Patrol Services in Redlands: Vehicle Patrols

American Shield offers its clients the highest quality mobile patrol services in Redlands. Our mobile patrols are performed by BSIS-licensed security guards, who are extensively trained in how to monitor large private properties using patrol cars. Patrol car surveillance is particularly effective as a visual deterrent whether you employ this service on a regular or as-needed basis. Generally, our patrols are performed by armed or unarmed guards who drive clearly marked patrol vehicles around your Redlands property. These patrols are performed at random times, following an unpredictable path, that meets the level of surveillance your site requires. Call us today to discuss your mobile patrol needs in Redlands.

Mobile Patrol Services in Redlands: Bike & Foot Security Patrols

If you have a moderately sized property in Redlands with a lot of foot traffic, hidden corners, and/or smaller pathways that needs to be monitored and protected, consider American Shield's foot and bike mobile patrols. Like vehicle patrols, foot and bike patrols are highly cost-efficient but also very effective as a criminal deterrent. However, many of our Redlands clients will choose foot and bike patrols over vehicle patrols when they want a more approachable security presence. No matter which type of security presence you wish to establish, our mobile patrols are always performed by BSIS-licensed, highly trained security guards. Call today to learn more.

Redlands Fire Watch Services

American Shield Private Security offers trained and experienced security guards to perform dedicated fire watch services for sites across Redlands. These services allow your business to stay operational and keep your personnel and visitors safe while your fire alarm and sprinkler systems are under maintenance or repair. As such, our guards can be trusted to patrol all vulnerable areas of your facility, maintain proper fire watch logs and reports, identify early warning signs of fire or other hazardous situations, contact the local fire department when necessary, and help implement an evacuation plan. Our Redlands fire watch services are affordable, reliable, and compliant with California Fire Code. Call today for a free quote.

Redlands Event Security

In order to put on a successful event, an event organizer must take the time to develop a plan for safety and security. As such, an event's safety and security plan generally considers ways to discourage unruly or unlawful behavior, how to manage large crowds, what to do in the event of a fire, how to control site access, how to promote parking lot safety, and how to prevent and respond to other potential problems. To ensure that you develop a comprehensive safety and security plan for your Redlands event, work with the event security specialists at American Shield. We have nearly two decades of experience, a team of highly trained, heavily screened security guards, and a long list of satisfied clients. Our guards are BSIS licensed, and can provide the level of professionalism, customer service, confidentiality, and event security expertise you are looking for. Call today for a free quote.

Redlands Alarm Monitoring & Response -- Affordable, Reliable & Available 24/7

Security alarm systems are a cost-effective way for many Redlands home and business owners to deter crime, trespassing, and other unauthorized activity from occurring on their property. However, it is generally recommended (and in some cases required) that if you have security alarms installed at your site, then you also have a licensed security company monitor them. At American Shield we offer affordable and dependable alarm monitoring and response services to properties throughout Redlands. This service ensures that your alarm system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that a BSIS-licensed security officer will be dispatched if your alarm is triggered. Our guards can be expected to arrive in a well-marked patrol vehicle to investigate the cause of the alarm. If the alarm was found to be accidentally set off, they will secure your premises, document the visit, and reset the alarm. If they verify that unlawful activities took place, they will preserve the incident scene and immediately contact local law enforcement. Contact us today to obtain a free quote on security alarm monitoring and response services for your Redlands property.

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Our company received the most courteous and trustworthy security Guard services from American Shield Private Security, Inc. for our 27th Annual Orange County Heart Walk this last September 16, 2007. I was pleased that American Shield Private Security was so prompt and available to help us at such late notice, when we greatly needed their services. I appreciated their help, and will certainly use their services in the years to come.

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American Shield Private Security. dependable and reliable service-providing protection for our families and children of tomorrow

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