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American Shield Private Security:

Providing Expert Security Guard Services to Ontario, California at Highly Competitive Rates

Welcome to American Shield Private Security, Inc. We offer Ontario residential, commercial, industrial, and non-profit clients unbeatable security and protection through comprehensive guard services. By offering our clients carefully planned security solutions designed by experts in the industry with over 20 years of experience, we are able to provide each of them with the level of security they need at a price that fits their budget. Additionally, with strategic placement of our guards and postorder duties that maximize the value our guards offer, we are able to provide optimal protection while keeping costs to a minimum.

Why Choose American Shield Private Security for All of Your Private Security Needs in Ontario

  • We offer licensed security guards with extensive training in:
    • power to arrest
    • search & seizure
    • WMDs and terrorism awareness
    • communication & its significance
    • observation & documentation
    • liability/legal aspects
    • post orders
    • access control
    • trespass
    • emergency procedures
    • crowd control
    • fire watch
    • first aid & CPR
    • conflict management
    • verbal diffusion
    • workplace violence
    • driver safety (cars, bicycles, golf carts)
    • parking/traffic control
    • school security
    • and more
  • Our guards have all passed an exhaustive screening process that includes a complete background check, drug screening, reference check, government e-verify check, and interviews.
  • Our security management team averages over two decades of industry experience.
  • Our field supervisors closely monitor and support all of guards through regular check-in meetings and trainings, random on-site visits, and computerized tracking systems, such as Detex and Deggy.
  • We stay on top of the industry's best practices and technology through our IACSP and ASIS memberships.
  • Our first-rate service won us the Best of Garden Grove Award in Security Guard and Patrol Service from the U.S. Commerce Association in 2009.
  • We offer cost-competitive security services to work with a wide variety of budgets.
  • We provide each of our Ontario clients with security plans tailored to their unique needs.
  • We keep in close contact with our clients to ensure that our services continue to meet their expectations.
  • We are a licensed private patrol company (PPO# 14607) that serves clients throughout Ontario.

Call American Shield Private Security today for the best value in private security. We can answer any questions you may have over the phone or visit your Ontario site and conduct a thorough security consultation for free, with no obligation.

Our Menu of Private Security Guard Services Available to Ontario, California

Mobile Patrol Services in Ontario - Mobile patrol services by professional, licensed guards are available through American Shield 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at highly cost-effective rates. You can choose to have your patrols performed by bike, on foot, or in a patrol car, or have our experts recommend the best best type of patrol for your Ontario property. This services is ideal for construction sites, schools, parking facilities, industrial facilities, warehouses, business centers, gated neighborhoods, and other large properties.

Standing Guard Services in Ontario - Standing guards are particularly helpful for protecting Ontario businesses that are concentrated in one room or a small area, such as banks and retail stores, and for clients that have a private property with one or a few critical access points, such as gated communities, event producers, and medical facilities. Standing guards are assigned to monitor designated areas and provide additional services as outlined by the post orders customized for each client. Typical post duties include access control, surveillance, video and alarm monitoring, loss prevention, supervise lock up and alarm, investigate triggered alarms, maintain security logs, and more.

Fire Watch Services in Ontario - American Force provides temporary fire watch services for Ontario businesses that determine their fire alarm and/or sprinkler system will be out of working order for an extended amount of time. This affordable service, featuring dedicated guards who make regular patrols of the affected areas, makes it possible to keep your doors open until your fire alarm and sprinkler system is restored.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring & Response, Ontario - Alarm response by American Shield includes around-the-clock alarm monitoring and prompt response by well-trained, fully certified security guards. We have mobile guards located throughout Southern California, making it easy for us to respond quickly to triggered alarms anywhere in the Ontario area. Once on site, our guards investigate the cause of the alarm and determine if it was a false alarm or if local law enforcement needs to be called.

Lock Up & Alarm Services in Ontario - For Ontario businesses, having reliable lock up and alarm procedures is critically important to after hours security. While some businesses rely on their employees to handle closing on their own, it is less risky to have a private security company dedicated to this duty. When American Shield assigns one of our licensed security guards to perform lock up and alarm services for one of our clients, it is their only responsibility. They arrive to your site just prior to closing; perform a thorough walkthrough to ensure all entry points are secure and that all personnel and visitors have left; and then lock your premises and ensure that your alarm has been properly set.

Our Industry-Specific Security Services

Lobby/Reception Desk Security & Concierge Service in Ontario

At American Shield Private Security, Inc., we know the importance of having highly reliable and competent security officers posted at the front office, lobby, or reception area of your Ontario building. Front office security not only have a major role in shaping the image that your business presents to your staff and guests, but also become a key part of your team and play an integral part of your security plan. As part of American Shield's lobby/reception desk security and concierge service, Ontario businesses can depend on our guards to become familiar with your staff; greet and screen visitors; provide basic concierge type services (e.g. distributing messages, announcing guests, signing for packages, answering phone calls, scheduling facility and equipment usage; etc.); and identify and respond to any and all security concerns. Additionally, our guards keep detailed logbooks and are trained in producing thorough incident reports. Call today to learn more.

Condominium, Apartment Complex, & Gated Community Security Service in Ontario

The guards at American Shield Private Security excel at providing security for high-rise condominiums, apartment complexes, and gated communities. We have been serving these types of residential properties in the Ontario area for over 15 years and have built a reputation for offering exceptional security services at an affordable rate. Our residential community security services include having an armed or unarmed guard posted at a key location, such as a guard shack or front lobby, and following post orders designed for your specific needs. Typical post order include enforcing community rules and parking restrictions, managing the use of communal property (e.g. pool access, entertaining facilities, videos, etc.), issuing parking passes, responding to alarms, and providing general assistance as requested. To improve security, become more appealing to new tenants, and cultivate a sense of safety and community, call American Shield today. Consultations are free and provided with no obligation.

Parking Facility Security Service in Ontario

American Shield has over 15 years of experience guarding private parking lots and can provide the level of security, customer service, and safety that your Ontario business is looking for. Our parking lot security services consist of enforcing parking rules and restrictions, towing unauthorized vehicles, issuing warnings and citations, reserving spaces for visitors, scheduling delivery truck access, distributing parking passes, and directing traffic when necessary. Additionally, because this service is performed by highly trained, licensed security officers, we can also patrol your facility, respond to alarms, provide fire watch services, perform lock up and alarm services at closing, and more. To learn how we can customize our parking lot security services to your needs in Ontario, call today.

School, College, University & Research Facility Security Services in Ontario

Whether you are managing a small private school or a large public university, security will always be of the utmost importance. That's why we feel it is important to make reliable security accessible to all Ontario school, no matter their budget constraints. Our private security services are always competitively priced, but we also do our best to work with a client's budget constraints. For our clients in the education field, we'll not only design a security plan customized to your needs and budget, but we'll also provide you with a special discount. Despite the low rates, your Ontario school will still receive exceptional security services that are highly effective at discouraging criminal and unwanted behavior and promoting safety. Call today for a free security consultation.

In addition to the above, American Shield Private Security Inc. also specializes in the following industry-specific security services:

  • Industrial security
  • Construction security
  • Hotel and motel security
  • Transportation security
  • Special event security

These other areas of security consist of our standard guard services (mobile patrol, stationary guarding, fire watch, alarm response, and lock up and alarm setting at closing) but feature security programs tailored to each industry's particular needs. By customizing our programs for each Ontario client we are able to provide a higher quality security service at a most cost effective rate. Call today for your free consultation.

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Our company received the most courteous and trustworthy security Guard services from American Shield Private Security, Inc. for our 27th Annual Orange County Heart Walk this last September 16, 2007. I was pleased that American Shield Private Security was so prompt and available to help us at such late notice, when we greatly needed their services. I appreciated their help, and will certainly use their services in the years to come.

Amy Markan
Business Development Director

We are pleased your company is available to support Emerald Bay Security and the Sherrif's Department once again. Thank you for your assistant

Emerald Bay
General Director

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