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Fully Licensed American Shield Private Security, Inc. Providing Private Security Guard Services in Mission Viejo for Over 15 Years

American Shield Private Security is proud to offer mobile patrol, standing guard, lock and alarm, alarm monitoring and response, fire watch, and parking enforcement services at highly cost-effective rates. We have been providing these private security services to clients throughout the Mission Viejo area for over 15 years, but our management team has over 20 years of experience. Our commitment to providing exceptional guards, personalized customer service, and competitive pricing has allowed us to set ourselves apart from other Southern California private security firms and develop a loyal following of Mission Viejo clients. Moreover, we keep our clients happy by continuously developing and training our guards, integrating the industry's latest and best security methods, and investing in new technology.

Call American Shield Private Security for a free security consultation. American Shield is a licensed private security company that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a large team of security professionals that includes our managers, field supervisors, dispatchers, and guards, who are all thoroughly trained and carefully screened. Together, we are able to provide Mission Viejo businesses, hospitals, nonprofits, schools, gated neighborhoods, religious institutions, and various other types of properties with the best value in private security.

Our Guard Services

Mobile Patrol, Mission Viejo - American Shield's mobile patrol services are ideal for guarding large private properties, such as college campuses, parking lots, construction sites, industrial facilities, business parks, gated communities, etc. Depending upon your Mission Viejo property's layout and size as well as the post order duties you request, we'll determine if these patrols should be performed by our guards on foot, by bike, or in a marked security vehicle.

Standing Guard, Mission Viejo - Our standing guard service in Mission Viejo consists of assigning one of our highly qualified, professional guards to stay at an assigned post and perform duties that increase building safety and security. Standing guard services are usually used at reception areas, lobbies, guard shacks, kiosks, and areas that have had a higher incidence of theft, trespassing, vandalism, or other unwanted behaviors.

Alarm Response, Mission Viejo - With our Mission Viejo alarm response services, we monitor your alarm system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anytime your alarm is activated, we dispatch one of our certified guards in a well-marked patrol vehicle to inspect your property and determine the cause of the alarm.

Lock Up & Alarm, Mission Viejo - Particularly important at closing time, our lock up and alarm service arranges to have a professional security guard routinely go to your Mission Viejo business, inspect your premises, and ensure that all entry points are secure and locked and that the alarm has been properly set.

Fire Watch, Mission Viejo - Our fire prevention service for Mission Viejo businesses whose fire alarm/sprinkler system is malfunctioning or under repair. This service involves having a standing or roaming guard who is solely dedicated to monitoring your vulnerable area(s) and watching for any signs of fire or other emergencies.

Our Industry-Specific Security Services

Lobby/Reception Desk Security Services, Mission Viejo

At American Shield, we understand the importance of having highly reliable and competent security guards posted at the front office or reception area of your building in Mission Viejo. They not only have a major role in shaping the image that your business presents to your staff and guests, but also become a key part of your team. Our Mission Viejo lobby/reception desk guards become familiar with your employees and set the tone for those coming and going; actively screen all visitors; identify any security concerns; maintain log books and create detailed reports of any incidents; and perform a variety of concierge services, such as answering phones, distributing messages, announcing guests, issuing keys, scheduling use of facilities and equipment, etc. All front desk security guard responsibilities are determined during our free security consultation. Call today to schedule yours.

Apartment and Condominium Security Services, Mission Viejo

American Shield Private Security has an excellent track record of providing reliable and affordable security services for private residential properties throughout Mission Viejo Our residential security services, designed primarily for high rises, apartment complexes, and condominium buildings, effectively reduce crime while cultivating a sense of community. These cost-effective services consist of having an armed or unarmed guard stationed near your entrance or assigned to regularly patrol your Mission Viejo property. As part of their post orders, our guards can enforce your community rules, parking restrictions, manage the use of shared equipment and facilities, issue parking passes, lock up and set the alarm for designated spaces, respond to alarms or calls for assistance, and provide general customer service. Call us today to learn more.

School/College Security Services, Mission Viejo

Whether you are managing a small private school or a large public university, security will always be of the utmost importance. That's why we feel it is important to make reliable security accessible to all Mission Viejo school, no matter their budget constraints. Our private security services are always competitively priced, but we also do our best to work with a client's budget constraints. For our clients in the education field, we'll not only design a security plan customized to your needs and budget, but we'll also provide you with a special discount. Despite the low rates, your Mission Viejo school will still receive exceptional security services that are highly effective at discouraging criminal and unwanted behavior and promoting safety. Call today for a free security consultation.

Parking Lot Security Services, Mission Viejo

American Shield has over 15 years of experience guarding private parking lots and can provide the level of security, customer service, and safety that your Mission Viejo business is looking for. Our parking lot security services consist of enforcing parking rules and restrictions, towing unauthorized vehicles, issuing warnings and citations, reserving spaces for visitors, scheduling delivery truck access, distributing parking passes, and directing traffic when necessary. Additionally, because this service is performed by highly trained, licensed security officers, we can also patrol your facility, respond to alarms, provide fire watch services, perform lock up and alarm services at closing, and more. To learn how we can customize our parking lot security services to your needs in Mission Viejo, call today.

In addition to the above industry-specific security services, American Shield also excels in:

  • Construction site security
  • Hospitality security
  • Transportation security
  • Gated community security
  • Event security
  • Industrial facility security

These other areas of security consist of our standard guard services (mobile patrol, stationary guarding, fire watch, alarm response, and lock up and alarm setting at closing) but feature security programs tailored to each industry's particular needs. By customizing our programs for each Mission Viejo client we are able to provide a higher quality security service at a most cost effective rate. Call today for your free consultation.

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Our company received the most courteous and trustworthy security Guard services from American Shield Private Security, Inc. for our 27th Annual Orange County Heart Walk this last September 16, 2007. I was pleased that American Shield Private Security was so prompt and available to help us at such late notice, when we greatly needed their services. I appreciated their help, and will certainly use their services in the years to come.

Amy Markan
Business Development Director

Just wanted to commend you guys for your diligent work last night. There was a fire in our building and apparently your guard called 911. Thank God no one was hurt and there was relatively minor damage considering the circumstances.

Have a great Holiday weekend.

Ryan Chase
S & A Properties

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